Friday, April 9th at 10am

Using A/B Testing to Get the Most From Your Facebook Ad Budget
with Michael Hios of Mythos Ventures

Michael Hios

Owner of Mythos Ventures, Michael His works as a Business Consultant for clients in the travel, hospitality, and entertainment industries. Born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts, Halloween is in his blood, and for the past 35 years Michael has been working with home haunts, charity haunts, professional haunts, and theme parks to drive higher attendance with less financial expenditure.

45 min class with Q&A afterwards

Class Description:
Do you advertise your Haunt on Facebook? (If you don’t you should be!) In this session, Michael Hios of Mythos Ventures will explore the little-known built-in tools that Facebook offers to advertisers to help them uncover the best approach for reaching your target audience. This knowledge allows you to repeat the success of the ads that work the best. Attendees will explore the concept of Facebooks (A/B) Ad Testing and explain how to use Facebook's Ad Manager to fine tune your ads to make the most of your advertising budget.