Friday, March 19th at 3pm

Incorporating Silicone Masks into Your Haunted Attraction
with CFX

Josh Overturf

Josh is a native of Southern California, growing up down the street from Knott’s Berry Farm. His family were big Halloween fans and they would attend Knott’s Scary Farm every year. Josh started off by building elaborate home haunt walk-throughs when he was 13 years old. Encouraged by his family, the mazes grew bigger each year and would have hundreds of attendees. By 17, Josh was designing sets and rooms for various local charity haunts, including a large Boy Scouts of America haunt in an old beer bottling facility. He has worked as an actor for Knott’s and Universal Studios. He has also worked for Disney on numerous non-Halloween events in both a talent and a technical role.

Josh began working full-time as the Operations Manager for Haunted Hotel Inc. based out of San Diego, in 2007. This was after 12 years of acting and tech work for them. He was responsible for the build and operation of three separate events each Halloween season. In 2014, Josh left the San Diego area to open his own event in Oakland, CA. The event was based in a 105 year old train station and had about 47,000 sq. ft. of haunt space. Shortly after his first season, personnel from the USS Hornet Museum approached Josh with an idea to haunt the aircraft carrier. Josh had great success with that haunt, to the point that the management of the museum was worried about how many people were showing up. The haunt was entirely on the ship, utilizing the flight deck, hangar deck, sick bay and the f’ocsle.

Josh is currently moving the haunt to Louisiana. He currently works as Mask Operations Manager, MOM for short, for Composite Effects. He is responsible for general shop operations and new product development. This includes new mask designs and R&D of new materials and technologies. He is also at every tradeshow that CFX attends, helping to educate people about the masks and to also make sure that CFX is staying current with what the industry needs.

Class Title:
Incorporating Silicone Masks into Your Haunted Attraction

30-45 min class with Q&A afterwards

Class Description:
A brief introduction to the world of high quality silicone masks and how to effectively incorporate them into you haunted attraction or escape room. I will go over what a silicone mask is and how it is different from other masks. This will include the advantages and disadvantages of using silicone. I will also cover care and maintenance of the masks as well as best practices for the actors. Lastly, I will go over quick repairs for common issues with your silicone masks. I will also allow time for Q and A for any questions at the end of the class.