Sunday, April 11th at 4pm

Augmenting Your (Un)Reality: Audience Connection With AR Technology
with Matt Knowles of Carriage Way Cemetery

Matt Knowles

Creator/owner/operator of Carriage Way Cemetery (home haunt) and Chief Technical Officer of Creatures of the Night, in West Linn, Oregon, Matt Knowles has been haunting for 40 years, ever since his paper Mache alien costume, complete with blinking lights. (Thanks RadioShack!). Fourteen years ago Matt started Carriage Way Cemetery (, which has grown into a popular local home haunter display, entertaining children of all ages with hand crafted tombstones, animatronics, light and music shows. He has been featured in local press and TV. Through Creatures of the Night, an Oregon-based haunter’s group, Matt experiments with new ways to innovate--from 360 video engagement and promotion to VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). Matt also has a PhD in chemistry and over 23 years experience in the high-tech industry, publishing numerous technical articles.

45 min class with Q&A afterwards

Class Description:
Augmented Reality (AR) is within your reach and this session will show attendees how they can create a new spooky connection with their haunt guests. Today, everyone is walking around with AR in their pockets. The Smart phone has made it possible for an attraction to implement AR on little or no budget, excelling guest engagement and strengthening your brand. In this class, Matt Knowles of Creatures of the Night, in West Linn, Or will walk attendees through three 2020 case studies to show how AR was used in haunted attractions to Immerse your customers into the spooky vibe, revolutionize scenes with new layers of fun and bring characters to life through AR. Making your own AR filter will be discussed and links and resources provided to bring Augmented Reality to your event.