The owners of Fear Expo want to invite you to an amazing online experience. The mission statement behind Fear Expo is.. To help improve the quality of online services for the entire Haunt Industry. We promise to never grow too big to help the little guy and to remember that without our Vendors, Sponsors & Attendees, we would not have a show.

We will always have a free spot for any vendor that needs help and will never charge for attendance. Fear Expo is committed to helping honest and hard working Vendors & Haunt Owners connect with each other.

Haunt Owners are you looking for a place to find the newest products from the haunt industry? Are you looking for an expo that is fun and interactive? Fear Expo is here!

Vendors Are you looking for an opportunity to show your new products to a large attentive group of buyers?  We have developed the urgency to create a sale for you with the experience of a real Trade Show. Fear Expo is here!

Fear Expo - An Online Experience